So now we have 3 items for lunch!

Naturli Burger 50kr

Shawarma 50kr

Chilli Cheese Fries 90kr

Burger & Shawarma also come as a Combo

for 90kr with fries and a dip.

We have also joined the Just-Eat family!

Here at Extended Play (E.P’s) we believe in Good food that is good for the planet!

While not everyone can eat vegan we can at least do our best to make the food as good for the environment as

possible. That is why we use Organic and Danish products as much as possible and everything except the meat is meat free!

From our Dips to our buns and deserts.

In the meantime you can get our App for IOS here

Blackberry Cashew Chessecake
Blackberry Cashew Chessecake
Roasted Brocoli and Olive Salad
Roasted Brocoli and Olive Salad
A mix of salads, Roasted Brocoli, Olives and herbs tossed in a citrus & olive oil dressing
Fried Chicken & rice Burrito served with Guac-mayo and Pico de Gallo
Couscous Royale
Couscous Royale
Couscous Royale
Moroccan based stew with Chicken, merguez (spicey lamb Sausages) or
Completely meat free option.
Beyond Burger
Beyond Burger

Our menu

Extending Play on our planet.

Organic, fresh and when possible meat free food.

Vores Specialitet

Pulled King Oyster Mushrooms slow cooked in Jerk Seasoning

With Spicey sweet Coleslaw


Bestil Buffet

If you require a buffet or Party menu for Vegan of a mix

please contact us here.


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